Chadwick - Munger

The Story of a House

Why did we focus on the Munger’s?

Scholarship programs seek to encourage and motivate young men and women to aspire toward some particular academic interest to ultimately prepare themselves for a career and successful life journey. The work of the Oceana County Conservation District concerns itself with the natural resources within the county largely related to agriculture, soil and water conservation and the environment. This scholarship offers support for students interested in pursuing careers in or related to agriculture, natural resources conservation and environmental studies.

Edith and Louis Munger were publicly active residents of Oceana County at the turn of the nineteenth century whose lifetime accomplishments can act as a model for community involvement today. Coming to Oceana County educated in medicine, Louis as a doctor and Edith as a nurse, they initially established a successful medical practice and then extended their interests into agriculture, conservation and community affairs. Pragmatic and progressive innovative thinkers they pursued a life journey that brought them personal economic success that enriched and improved the entire Oceana community. In learning Louis and Edith Munger’s story you will find that their dedication to civic involvement, agriculture and conservation has left a lasting legacy in Oceana County. The attached booklet “The Story of a House” written by Kathleen Longcore for the Oceana Historical and Genealogical Society will provide a sketch of the Munger’s life work as you prepare your essay for the scholarship application.


Hart, ca 1890, looking south from above present Hart Lake.

Juniper Beach cherry orchard, note Lake Michigan in upper left.