Educational opportunities

Oceana Conservation District believes that if people have opportunities to explore and learn about their local natural resources, and understand their connection with the natural world, it will inspire them to conserve and protect the natural resources of Oceana County.

We have recently hired an Education Coordinator to help us expand our environmental educational programming for youth and adults. We offer a variety of educational programs including the following:

  • School programs (in-class presentation and facilitated field trips)

  • Summer nature day camp program

  • Presentations and workshops related to local wildlife, forest health and management, dune ecology, backyard conservation, local flora and fauna, sustainable farming, water quality, soil erosion, and more

  • Guided field trips and recreational opportunities for children, families, and adults

  • Citizen science programs

  • Volunteer stream monitoring

Be sure to check our calendar for events or sign up for our e-newsletter if you would like to be notified of upcoming events.

We are currently in the process of determining the feasibility of a NATURE CENTER in Oceana. Our goal is to create a strategic plan, determine a location, develop partners, and identify funding sources. Through a nature center, we would be able to provide the following to the residents in Oceana County.

  • Trails for recreation

  • Educational programming

  • Opportunities to experience nature up-close

  • Experiences that connect the youth, in particular, to the natural world

  • Showcase a site that represents some of the best natural features of Oceana County including a diversity in plant and animal life, ideally on or near a river, creek, lake or wetland.