1st Annual Nature Ranger Day Camp: August 27 and 28!

Children will be taking a closer look at Michigan wildlife through games, science experiments, art projects, nature walks, and interacting with live program animals. The instructor, Amalia Fernand, is the author of Michigan Wildlife: A Coloring Field Guide, and has a Master of Science in Ecological Leadership and Education. She founded Nature Explorers International with the mission to inspire excitement and curiosity for the environment through art, science, and outdoor experiences.

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In addition to providing an annual 6th grade field trip to local schools and a summer nature camp, Oceana Conservation District provides a variety of educational programs, presentations, workshops, field trips, and outdoor recreational opportunities that inspire people young and old to explore, appreciate, and conserve our natural resources. Check our calendar for events or sign up for our e-newsletter if you would like to be notified of upcoming events.

We are currently in the process of determining the feasibility of a NATURE CENTER in Oceana. Our goal is to create a strategic plan, determine a location, develop partners, and identify funding sources. Through a nature center, we would be able to provide the following to the residents in Oceana County.

  • Trails for recreation

  • Educational programming

  • Opportunities to experience nature up-close

  • Experiences that connect the youth, in particular, to the natural world

  • Showcase a site that represents some of the best natural features of Oceana County including a diversity in plant and animal life, ideally on or near a river, creek, lake or wetland.