Critical Dunes and Vegetation Removal Assurance 

Michigan's west coast is home to some of the largest fresh water sand dune areas in the world.  This unique ecosystem serves as critical habitat to many species unique to the Great Lakes area.

In order to protect and preserve this unique ecosystem, the Oceana Conservation District partners with the MDEQ to help implement the State of Michigan's Critical Dunes Protection laws.  Before a permit is issued by MDEQ for any construction or improvements to property in the Critical Dune Area, a written Vegetative Removal Assurance (VRA) must be issued, either by the local Conservation District in that area or another qualified provider. If you are planning any new construction, remodeling, or other improvement to your property in the Critical Dune area, you can get an application for a VRA at your local Conservation District. 

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Critical Dunes Areas

Are you located in a Critical Dune Area? If you are unsure, check out the link below to Michigan DEQ maps of Critical Dune Areas.