What is MAEAP?                                                                 

MAEAP (Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program) is a voluntary, innovative, proactive program that helps farms prevent or minimize pollution risks. MAEAP teaches farmers how to identify and reduce environmental risks. The three phases of MAEAP verification are education, on-farm risk assessments, and third party verification.

PHASE ONE - Education involves farmer attendance at a qualified MAEAP educational session. These sessions introduce farmers to MAEAP and updates them on new and emerging regulations and opportunities that affect agriculture.

PHASE TWO - On-farm risk assessments focuses on evaluating environmental risks and devising farm-specific and economically viable solutions. There are three risk assessment tools developed to address the environmental impacts on that system (Farm*A*Syst, Crop*A*Syst, and Livestock*A*Syst).

PHASE THREE - Third party verification is done by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD). MDARD verifies that all the requirements of Phase 1 and Phase 2 have been met, the Generally Accepted Agricultural Management Practices are being followed, and the farm has implemented the farm-specific requirements. To maintain verified status, farms are reverified every five years.  

MAEAP Verifications in Oceana County  

We are proud to announce that we have over 125 MAEAP verifications in Oceana County! Below is a list of farms who have one or more systems with MAEAP verifications in good standing. Systems include Farmstead, Cropping, Livestock, and Forests, Wetlands and Habitat. 

  • Lewis Orchards, Inc

  • Kacynski Farms

  • Lake Effect Apiaries

  • Lound and Lound

  • Malburg Malac LLC

  • Maple Grove Farms, Inc

  • NJ Fox&Sons-Aebig Apple

  • NJ Fox & Sons-Point Sable

  • NJ Fox & Sons-Reames

  • Phil Carter Farm

  • Pine Row Farm

  • Powers Farm

  • R&J Bush Farms

  • Rabe Orchards, LLC

  • Rennhack Orchards, LLC

  • Robert Bush Farms

  • Shull Farms

  • Sid and Jill Whitaker

  • Slocum Tree Farms, LLC

  • Snider Farms LLC

  • Sponhauer Farms

  • Stony Acres Farm

  • Tate Bros Farms, Inc

  • Todd Greiner Farms

  • Todd Greiner Farms Packing

  • Tubbs Orchards

  • VanSickle Farms

  • VanAgtmael & Sons, Inc

  • VanAgtmael Orchards, Inc

  • VanDerZanDen Farms

  • Vinke's Farms

  • Vinke Orchards Inc-Grinwis Farm

  • Vinke Orchards Inc-Peterson Farm

  • Whispering Creek Farms

  • Wm Burmeister Farms, Inc

  • Glenn Aebig Farm

  • Tad Aebig Farm

  • Aerts Farm Inc

  • Airport View Turkeys

  • Arbre Farms Inc

  • B & B Gardens, LLC

  • Better View Farm

  • BW Orchards, LLC-Benona

  • BW Orchards, LLC-Elbridge

  • Casting Crowns

  • Chris Crosby Farm

  • Clarence Chase Farm

  • Coulter Farms

  • Coulter Farms Storage

  • David Ramthun Farm

  • DeRuiter Farms, Inc

  • Earl L. Peterson

  • Earthscape Farms, LLC

  • Evans Farms

  • Forner Farms, LLC

  • Four Star Farms

  • Fuehring Farms

  • Golden Hart Fruit Farms

  • Golden Stock Farms LLC

  • Greiner Rainbow Acres

  • Heeg Farms

  • Herrygers Farm LLC

  • Hiddema Farm

  • Hintz Farms, LLC

  • Holladay Farms, LLC

  • Jancek Farm

  • J & H Fleming Farms, Inc.

  • Jerry Schaner Farm

  • John Stephens Farm

  • John R. Williams Farm

Congratulations everyone and thank you for your efforts and dedication to protecting our natural resources while producing top-quality Michigan-grown agricultural products.

Oceana County Farm field day: Aug. 8  

Oceana Conservation District and Oceana County Farm Bureau are hosting a farm field day event at Holladay Farms on Thursday, August 8 starting at 4:00 pm. Everyone is welcome! Holladay Farms is located at 3751 104th Ave. We will have many conservation practices to illustrate at the farm and we have two demonstrations scheduled. A Farm Safety Demonstration will be presented by Rural Rescue from Montague. This is an important topic to farmers, workers and visitors to a farm. Our feature presentation will be a Drone Demonstration done by Northwestern Michigan College. The Unmanned Aerial Systems Program instructors and students will be highlighting uses of drones in agriculture.

Following the demonstrations, a complimentary catered meal will be offered to all participants. After supper, an optional bus trip to a nearby farm to view a pollinator planting and to Doolittle Park forest to learn about invasive species is on the itinerary. The evening will conclude back at Holladay Farms around 8:30 pm.

This annual joint farm event is an opportunity to showcase the diversity of agriculture in Oceana County and to demonstrate efforts made by local farmers to support conservation and stewardship efforts on the farm, fields, forests and wetlands. Event is free of charge, but an RSVP is required by August 1. This event meets MAEAP Phase I requirements and two RUP credits are available. Please call (231) 861-5600 ext 3006, or email lynda.herremans@macd.org to reserve your spot.