In 2016, Oceana Conservation District started promoting and providing habitat restoration though native seed and installation services. The District owns a Truax Flex II drill that is designed for planting native wildflower and grass seed and establishing pollinator and monarch habitat.

We work closely with USDA’s Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), who we share an office with. NRCS provides cost-share funds to eligible landowners through Farm Bill Programs including the Conservation Reserve Program, Environmental Quality Incentives Program and the Conservation Stewardship Program.

Contact our office if you'd like us to obtain native seed for your pollinator or grassland plantings, need help with seed installation, or would like to apply for funding. We work with landowners to provide proper site preparation, quality installation services, and provide maintenance recommendations.

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Before Seed Installation

Proper site preparation is the most important step of establishment.

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During Seed Installation

Calibration and seed depth placement is critical to the success of the planting.


Year 1 Establishment

Mowing is recommended for the first year to reduce weed competition.

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Year 3 Establishment

This planting provides critical habitat for monarchs and other pollinators.