Conservation Technical Assistance Initiative

Helping you with Farm Bill Programs

What is the Conservation Technical Assistance Initiative (CTAI)?

The Conservation Technical Assistance Initiative is a grant sponsored by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service to provide assistance navigating the various programs under the Farm Bill. 

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It's EQIP sign-up Time!

Do you need help dealing with erosion issues on the farm? Or maybe you need safer fuel or chemical storage to protect your water resources? Perhaps you'd like to save some time and money by learning more about Integrated Pest Management approaches? If so, this is the program for YOU!

If you have concerns about degrading or imperiled natural resources on the farm, the NRCS staff can come out and take a look at the property. They will provide technical advice on how to mitigate those issues and protect your natural resources.

Financial Assistance is available through the competitive EQIP program, to help implement conservation practices that help protect our natural resources. For example, a grassed waterway could be used to mitigate erosion, or an agrichemical handling facility could be built to safely store, mix and load chemicals. These are just a few of the dozens of opportunities that are cost-shared through the EQIP program.

Applications take some time to pull together, so don't wait until the deadline. Call our office for more information today!

Honey Bees are all the buzz!

EQIP is again offering a Honey Bee Initiative to help improve available honey bee habitat in our state, and help to boost the population. If you like honey, wildflower fields, or eating local fruits and vegetables, we need to keep our honey bees happy to keep those things going.

The Initiative in the EQIP program helps provide cost-share assistance to private landowners who are interested in planting wildflowers to improve habitat.

To learn more about honey bees and the EQIP Initiative, check out the fact sheet on the NRCS webpage.


Farm BilL programs

The Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) is a voluntary conservation program administered by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. It supports production agriculture and environmental quality as compatible goals. Through EQIP, farmers, ranchers, private forest land owners and Federally-recognized American Indian tribes may receive financial and technical assistance to implement structural and land management conservation practices on eligible agricultural land.

(CSP) Conservation Stewardship Program 

This program provides financial assistance for farmers and ranchers to assist in maintaining the conservation practices already implement-ed and to challenge them to try new conserva-tion techniques such as soil testing, scouting for pests, or using nutrient management. 

(WRE) Wetland Reserve Easement 

Designed to restore wetlands that were drained or manipulated in any way for agricultural production. A wetland restoration project involves many parties and can take many years to complete. 

The Agricultural Conservation Easement Program (ACEP) provides financial and technical assistance to help conserve agricultural lands and wetlands and their related benefits.. Under the Agricultural Land Easements component, NRCS helps Indian tribes, state and local governments and non-governmental organizations protect working agricultural lands and limit non-agricultural uses of the land. Under the Wetlands Reserve Easements component, NRCS helps to restore, protect and enhance enrolled wetlands.

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